London Loves Peoples Market Mash-Up! Electrowerkz!

Buzzing with anticipation, inspirartion and perspiration, the happy snappers of London Loves got practicing on Wed. night @ the Electrowerkz, Islington. We could'nt resist a warm up, so with camera's at the ready and the remaining bit of memory on our didgies before the big launch, we got snappin (appologies that most of the pics are of us). Thanks to all you willing participants, practice makes perfect! See Y'all at the launch tomorrow!

Shout out to The Teenagers and Zombie Disco Squad!
Keep it Kitch!



lizbee said...

Like your site - fab pics, I don't see many brits on here so thought I'd post you a quick comment.
Liz x

lizbee said...

Love your site, great pics. Don't see many britblogs so thought I'd post you a comment.
Love Liz x